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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 9, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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so compelling, so amazing, so interesting, they could not be interrupted. even by the federal government. what do i know? that is what they tell me. shepard? >>shepard: thank you, megyn. the news begins anew, stocks have plunged on concerns about italy. europe's fourth biggest economy, the dow off 385, and gerri will explain to us how this will affect all americans. breaking news in the search for this 2-year-old missing boy. investigators wrapping up a news conference, and what they are look for in the mom's car. and one of the juror who convicted michael jackson's doctor of manslaughter is speaking out. we are hearing what went on inside the jury room. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but first from fox at 3:00 in new york and at state college, pennsylvania, the sex abuse
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scandal at penn state has brought down joe paterno and could force out the president after his long time assist amount was arrested on forcing young boy dozen have sex with him. officials say there were at least eight victims over a 15-year period, at least. and some said to be as young as 10 years old. today the coach will leave the team not now, but at the end of the season. the 46th year as head coach. he is not accuse of doing anything against the law but according to court document as witness told joe paterno he saw sandusky with a young boy in the showers at the complex and the witness said that sandusky was sodomizing the child. it is not sure how much he told paterno and he reported the incident, whatever he knew, to the school officials but critics
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say that was not enough. and, today, he seemed to agree saying in a statement and i quote, "this is a damage dierks one -- tragedy, one of the great sorrows of my life. i grieve for the children and their families and i pray for their comfort and relief." and now, just off campus this afternoon, the state police commissioner now is involved and is speaking. fill us in. >>reporter: well, they say that joe pa step know has a moral responsibility to do more and many here on the campus believe that, yeses he dropped the ball but many love and still respect this man, and in many ways this is a community that is really schizophrenic. many disappointed and do not want the legacy to be tarnished. one football player said it is criminal the way he went out, when he met with the team he got a standing ovation and the family hired p.r. to announce he was stepping down.
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interestingly, the school p.r. department said it has no knowledge whatever that paterno was planning to resign and we are all awaiting word on the fate of the school president. increasingly it seems likely he could be forced out in a matter of hours. all eyes will be on the stadium. that is the last home game for the coach. >>shepard: another accuser has come poured and there could be even more. is that right? >>reporter: it is reported that there are as many as 17 accusers this total. the attorney general's office is not going to confirm that. the grand jury reports said there were eight victims in total and two still cannot be identified. keep this in mind the alleged pedophile here, established this second mile foundation which he allegedly used as a school for potential victims with hundreds of boys in the charity and at
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this hour he still remains free on $100,000 unsecured bail and he had a preliminary hearing scheduled for today at the request of the defense, that was postponed. one thing to keep in mind consider that the two in the administration charged with lying to the grand jury and for not alerting authorities to the alleged abuse on campus, they are free on $75,000 bail. the accused pedophile here has only $25,000 difference in the amount of bail. many people here would like to see him no longer walking the streets and the attorney general's office, in fact, said they sought higher bail and wanted him to have an ankle bracelet but the judge saw it differently. >>shepard: thank you, david lee. two other penn state officials are facing charges in the case. the question is: what more should happen with joe paterno. and now our legal eagles randy zelin is here. and keith sullivan. nice to see you again. we have a problem. it was 2002 coach paterno became
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aware of an incident in the shower which we now know was, or is alleged to have been sodomizing of this little boy, 10 years old. the coach paterno did what is legally proper but you wonder if he makes it to the weekend, if what he is trying to do is figure out a soft landing here but i think a lot of people in nittany lion nation are asking, did he know a little boy was sodomized? if he did, did he do enough? if he didn't, do we want him at penn state? >>randy: yes. no. and unfortunately, no. what is going to happen now, we can pull back the curtain, do not be misled for one second and think that person stated on the one hand and coach paterno are not speaking every 30 seconds. the soft landing is to say i would love to talk about this and do anything that i can, but,
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the university has said, and my lawyers have said, i must keep my mouth shut. so, the soft landing is, distance, good cop bad cop and the school is the bad cop and the coach goes on to live out his life, his legacy destroyed. >>shepard: the question is, does he deserve a soft landing? 2002, he and coach sandusky were described to me as best friends. or among the best of friends. so, you have to assume they sat dune and heard about this and talked all boat it, they did not get details he did not find out enough? >> a few months later that paterno sits him down and says you are off the staff and you are not coping with us any longer. you have to look at this serious issue in two lights. first, in the criminal aspect. did joe paterno break the law? the answer is, no. did he do what was minimally required under the law? the answer to that is, yes.
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morale and ethically? that's the oath realm. he has failed as a human, and as a leader in that regard. he should not be coaching saturday. he should have been terminated by the close of business yesterday. it is a disgrace that they will allow him to resign at the end of the season. >>shepard: i'm not sure that is what will happen. i don't think anyone is sure that will happen and i do know that coach paterno has been credited with changing the lives in some of the most spectacular ways imaginable, a role model and an inspiration to so many but, randy, if in 2002 he knew and removed him from the team and a week ago that man was still here, joe paterno could be the most powerful man in the state of pennsylvania. forget penn state. he could be the most powerful man if that state if he wanted him removed and knew what was happening he would have been done and he did not, is he morale responsible for the abuse that happened to how many children since then? and if so, how do you let him
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work happy valley this weekend? >>randy: morale it is impossible to justify or rationalize how a man who was something not far from god let this happen. let him go on his own terms. he should not be coaching. i cannot describe what he did. >>shepard: none of us can. wow, we will want this closely. thank you for coming. i will get to trouble in the world economy because it is very serious. italy is deeply in debt. more so than greece. and there is a nightmare scenario because italy is the ten the largest economy and 4th biggest in europe, or third, and the prime minister now has resigned. and the dow is in the tank today. >>gerri: what is sending the stocks lower today. here is what is happening. the interest rate that the italians have to pay on the
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bonds, to attract people to pay their debt 7.5 percent. and the germans fay -- pay 1.8 percent. so, a disaster with the eighth biggest economy in the world. but, the ecb cannot bail these people out. they do not have enough money to do it. the deal previously was only for greece. and also this afternoon you may not have seen about greece. they cannot get a prime minister. their talks to get the government together are failing and people are wondering, will the deal work? what will happen to greece? lots of concern and worries out there of both countries and when you talk about italy you are talking about a domino effect. >>shepard: that could include france? >>gerri: potentially. we went to 385 moments ago and we are keeping an eye on this. >>shepard: analysts are worried that the problems that
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clearly are overwhelming italy are going to spread and if they do they will come here, no doubt about it. >>gerri: we have credit evidence today from general motors earnings, they are down 15 percent, and they are blaming it on europe and saying the sales over this are poor, and we are seeing the impact but let me tell you that is just a small portion of what can happen if the acb cannot take this under control and get the countries operating again, and able to issue debt. >>shepard: we will watch the dow for the hour let us see. but when the investors i saying overseas that the flu will give us a cold ... i don't know. not good for any of us. the g.o.p. presidential candidates have a big debate tonight. it is supposed to be about the economy, but will the sexual harassment accusations against the candidate, herman cain, come
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for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible. >>shepard: breaking news now, in north carolina, the campus of campbell university where they have a "situation." authorities have asked students and faculty members to stay indoors because of a stand off on campus. the university spokesman said it began an hour and 15 minutes ago, a student they tried to serve a warrant on as the story goes. he barricaded inside the house. he is armed. and the campus is on lockdown. as a precaution only. the spokesman says the
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university-owned house is surrounded and the situation is held to that location. campus on lockdown. students and faculty are asked to stay inside campbell university in north carolina. updates as warranted. >> fox news is america's election headquarters. republican candidates for president are ready to take the stage for a debate on the economy tonight set for michigan. tough backdrop, with the 7th highest foreclosure rate and 11 percent unemployment rate well above the national average and the debate comes as herman cain fights allegations he sexually harassed four women and a second woman went public yesterday. her lawyers says she is working on a joint news conference with the others. herman cain denies the allegations and held his own news conference yesterday and analysts do not expect it to dominate the debate, many will be too busy fighting for their political likes and it could be
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elimination night. carl cameron is live at the site of the debate. will we hear about the alleges? >>carl: well, the organizers of the debate have said they will not rule out the possibility of questions about the accusers but with the unemployment rate as high as it is and jobs and the economy the number one issue most would rather talk about their solutions. today, there is more in the developments of all of this. the woman whose identity was revealed just yesterday, today, she again came forth with a person of her attorney, joel bennett, who is trying to arrange a joint appearance with her and several of the other women. mr. bennett says there is no doubt yet but it will be at least a couple of the women appearing. >> my client and i believe it is helpful to the public in judging this matter to see as many of the women as possible together and hear the specifics. we have heard the specifics of
12:17 pm
miss bialek. >>carl: the woman, sharon bialek, her identity revealed signaled with her attorney gloria allred they likely to participate in the news conference if one comes together. this is probably going to come up in some fashion tonight. many candidates, of his rivals suggested this is a serious issue to be taken with great gravity but they have not been eager to talk about it. but tonight it is hard to imagine it will not come up. >>shepard: and the rest of the field? what should we expect? >>carl: well, for romney the latest poll now says 42 percent of republicans believe that romney ultimately will be the republican nominee. that is more than every other republican candidate combined. he had strong debate performances and tonight he will be center of the attention as others try to take him down. in addition there is a
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tremendous amount riding for other candidates on this. rick perry when he got into the race shot to the top but the weak debate performances have contributed to him cratering and falling into the low single deaths and he need as strong performance tonight. and, the candidate who has moved up to third place in most polls, gingrich, has a big opportunity tonight with cain on defense, with romney still unsatisfactory to a large number of republicans although they think he may win the nomination, gingrich has crept into third place and for him, tomorrow, it is an opportunity to show substance and rise above a lot of the personal attack politics that have permeated the campaign. gingrich has godden great favor from republicans for that weighing in open the disputes among rivals saying we should not fight with ourselves or attacking one other. our emphasis should be on president obama. gingrich could get resounding applause with that approach tonight. >>shepard: thank you, carl, from minnesota. united nations inspectors say we may be a matter of time away
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before iran can make its own nuclear weapons. next the important information from the report. blue the investigation into a failed solar company starting to read like a cheap romance novel. vice president biden's staff liked talking about that company, solyndra, the dirty details are ahead. ♪
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>> western nations are bullying iran over the nuclear capabilities. this is reaction from iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad on iran's state run television vow he would not back down one iota on the nuclear program. this come as day after reports from the united nations key nuclear watch dog group that showed iran is closer than ever
12:23 pm
to perfecting a nuclear bomb. president ahmadinejad has choice words. >> we do not need atomic bomb. iranian nation is wise and will not build two bombs while you have 20,000 warheads but will build something you will not be able to match. morality. >> it showed signs of activity that could be part of a nuclear construction program including developing a nuclear payload for a missile that could reach ... israel. its president, binyamin netanyahu called on other world nations to stop "a grow threat from iran," and israel's defense minister said military action is still open the table. the fox report chief correspondent is here. how long until iran has a funding, whatever they need to blow things up? >> in this detailed report, that is the one detail that is actually missing. they do not speculate on how long it will take iran to get a
12:24 pm
functioning nuclear weapon. but, many experts, including an expert from m.i.t.t. say it would take a couple of years to develop. >> to build a nuclear weapon they have to kick the inspectors out or, otherwise, set up a secret facility that no one knows about and that is hard because they are watched all the time. and, then, go through and produce highly enripped uranium and build a bomb so you are talking years in the future. >>jonathan: the problem is, shep, that each day that passes, iran gets a day closer. >>shepard: israel has signaled the possibility of a strike on their nuclear facilities. what other options are out there? >>jonathan: you are hard pushed to find anyone who thinks the military open is the best option. even the israelis are obviously reluctant to go down that route. what most western leaders think
12:25 pm
is the best possible way to deal with this is economic punishment against iran and diplomatic pressure. the problem there, is bringing the likes of russia and china on board. they have been reluctant to back tough sanctions. without those, it is difficult to see the iranian leadership changing. >>shepard: and the managing director of the washington institute described as a nonpartisan center for information about the middle east and former senior director at the national security council where he developed strategies for preventing iran from building nuclear weapons. that did not go so well? >>guest: unfortunately, no, iran is closer and closetory having nuclear weapon. what this report demonstrates is, in fact, iran is almost at that threshhold, the weapon savings research that is described in extraordinary detail combined with the advances of iran on the uranium enrichment suggests they are getting closer despite the
12:26 pm
sanctions. >>shepard: what do you do now? try to get nations together that do not want to get together to put pressure on them? >>guest: you have to be careful not to do something for the sake of doing something. we have heard talk about sanctions but the question would be: what's the point? are the sanctions beginning to quips the iranian regime to change its approach to nuclear weapons and just incremental sanctions are not going to do that. so, i think we need to more credibly put that military threat on the table and if we are beginning to consider sanctions they need to be were more serious than what has been on the table before. >>shepard: does it look as if we would do that but israel would do that? >>guest: we should be the ones doing this, it is a threat to u.s. national security, and it is clearly will a threat to israel's national security and the u.s. is much more cape average and obviously much stronger militarily than israel and we are the ones who need to back up this threat if it is going to be made. >>shepard: how far have we
12:27 pm
gone? >>jonathan: the united states is trying to pull the israelis back with signals that perhaps prime minister binyamin netanyahu is getting closer. >>shepard: we are trying to pull them back or trying to look like it? >>jonathan: according to the people in the middle of this we are saying, "do not do this, that is the wrong path." the administration does not want a military strike. >>shepard: what do you see is best-case-scenario, michael? >>guest: that would be we can convince the iranians through some measure, some combination of diplomacy and sanctions, to stop what they are doing. but the fact is, that hasn't worked the last few years. and, in fact, as we added the sanctions, the iranians have gotten closer and closer to the nuclear threshhold and trying to publicly dissuade them from action is the wrong thing. we want the regime to believe there is a real danger to them if they continue down this path and we should not waste our time dissuading anyone from
12:28 pm
considering military action to confront a very serious threat. >>shepard: nothing has worked. it appears there was a computer virus that went off early and may have hurt our cause. >>guest: the iranians have overcome that set back. if you look at the report, the uranium production is above where it was. so that may have bought time, the question is, what did we do with that time? clearly we did not do enough. >>shepard: thank you, michael singh. >> investigators searching for a missing 2-year-old are asking the family members to take like detector deaths but the mother won't and nothing about her story adds up. she claims her son, seen here, disappeared on sunday when she left him alone if her car in washington, and she says she ran out of gas. cops report they had no trouble starting the car when they got there and according to old court documents the child's father
12:29 pm
says the estranged wife had "dreams of killing our children and strangling our youngest child." the youngest child, by the way, is the one who is missing. trace is in our west coast news hub and no one has reported seeing the child in a couple of weeks. >>trace: and the father said he hasn't seen either one of the kids in several months. on top of that police have gone to the town where the family lives and they have interviewed doctor whose have treated the boy. they have interviewed businesses that have seen the boy and day care providers who have taken care of the boy over the past couple of years and they have not reported seeing the boy in last several months but the four-year-old daughter tell as different story. >> the little girl said her brother was in the car with them that morning. that is not what we expected to hear to be honest. and she said he was there. >>trace: the friend who picked the mom and the daughter up at the gas station, they walked more than a mile from the car
12:30 pm
said she was shocked when the mom said she left her son in that car at 37-degree temperature. >>shepard: not that what we are sure that happened but the police retraced the million's steps. >>trace: police took her, the mom, on the entire route, from place to place, the stores she went by and the stoplights and the corner she turned on and they could not find any surveillance video that actually backed up her story. but police say, really, it all comes back to the car on the side of the road. listen. >> forget the sickness and being on the way to the hospital why leave a two-year-old in the car? but it looks suspicious and we have to look at that and figure out what that means. trace trace and a witness who walked by the car after the mom and daughter left, said they saw no child in the back seat of the car and the father takes his second polygraph today. the first was inconclusive.
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>>shepard: and governor chris christie decided not run but he is hitting the campaign trail. why is that? details ahead from america's election headquarters. [ female announcer ] from an earache...
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>> new jersey's governor chris christie who said he is not running for president hit the campaign trail today in support of former governor romney. political analysts is with us, and political strategist, as
12:35 pm
well, a columnist for "the hill," and a professor at george washington's graduate school of political management. what is he doing on the road? campaigning? will he be the vice president? >>guest: he is enormously popular and if you are romney or any candidate you want to get above the noise with herman cain of the past days and you need a chris christie. this is a guy who is enormously popular with the base. has a ton of credibility with the tea party and with the establishment and he has a big personality and a great balance to romney and early endorsement. for christie to be out there with romney is significant. the guy has juice. and that is what a candidate wants. >>shepard: he has a big fan base well outside the new jersey. so many begged him to get not race and he would not do it. a good thing? >>juan: well, it is good if you think about money. the minute christie said he was not getting into the race, what
12:36 pm
happened, a lost wall street money immediately migrated right to romney. he became the consensus candidate of the establishment of the republican party. kind of the bush-cheney wing. but if you are talking about, is this going to excite the grass roots, the tea party people, the segment looking for anti-romney candidate, i don't think so. they would need someone like sarah palin to come out and say, yes, i am with rome my and you have not seen that. you will see people like barbour and daniels but those are establishment types and money players. money counts but in terms of gripping the grass roots, the tea party element, i don't see it will make any big difference. when they look at chris christie they see a northeast liberal republican on issues like gay rights and abortion. >>guest: no, he excites the base a lot and is a strong
12:37 pm
governor and he only lost one house seat in their elections yesterday. no governor in 48 years, only one has gone without losing seats so he has shown he is still strong and the one guy out there who has the personality, who has the national make recognition and who does very well with the base, the tea party independent, with the establishment, and the fact he has come out so early for romney will go a long way in terms of we pulling some of the, rather, quelling some of the nerves of those on the right. >>shepard: they will look to capture the herman cain vote, a lot of the people on the right think that will slip at some point and they would love to have it. cheri, that is the strategy for trying to bring that tea party crowd? >>guest: well, what romney is doing, having a rock star like christie by his side, they have to do well at the debates and you see a lot of them not saying
12:38 pm
a lot about it, they want to get through this and move on because right now, they cannot get their message out, it is all about herman cain and starting to hurt the party and they have to sit on their hands and keep their positive emergency out there. it is hard to get people out there. that is going to start changing. >>juan: well county the big news for me in seeing christie with romney this will get a lot of media attention and the media is taken with christie, but i don't think the base is. but, i think that in terms of the message, there is a worry if you are too aggressive trying to claim herman cain support, your finger prints are on it and he has blamed rick perry's campaign for possibly leaking some of this, that is not good, that could hurt you, again, with that base. so, i think gingrich is in position, right now, and he seemed to be picking up momentum as the anti-romney candidate. >>shepard: thanks juan and
12:39 pm
cheri. and now over to members of congress pouring over what may seem like pretty racy e-mails regarding the collapse of the company solyndra. you will recall the green energy company filed for bankruptcy protection in september and left taxpayers on the hook for more than $500 million in government loan guarantees. well, now, fox has a look at the e-mails. and one from a top investor suggests that when his staff talked with the white house "they about had an orgasm in biden's office when we mentioned solyndra." it is written right there in the e-mail. different strokes ... >> a lost excitement over this story. white house press secretary carney said on the record back in september that a man named george kaiser did not lobby administration officials with regard to solyndra, and he is a billionaire and one of president obama's most prominent supporters head of the george
12:40 pm
kaiser family foundation. and, also, a major investor in solyndra, and kaiser has visited the white house 17 times, and the e-mails shed some light on the substance of the visits that carney described "a couple of weeks ago kaiser wrote to the board member mitchell in early march of 2010 when ken and i visited with administration folks in washington, dc would were in charge of the stimulus process, white house not doe kaiser stresses, and solyndra came up, and each of them responded simultaneously about their thorough knowledge of the solyndra story suggesting it was one of their prime children." and early that same day mitchell told to ken, that kaiser foundation executive it appears things are headed in the right direction and energy secretary is apparently staying involved in solyndra's application that continues to talk up the company as a success story." >> of course, solyndra went bankrupt, and the f.b.i. in
12:41 pm
september raided its offices and executives' homes and a series of events pursued with witnesses from the white house and the department of energy in a hearing that month. >> are you aware of anything that suggest that the donation to the president were a factor in determining whether to grant the solyndra loan guarantee? >> no, again, i wasn't there but i have no reason to believe that. >> today a white house spokesman accuses house republicans of cherrypicking the documents while the kaiser family foundation told fox news today "george kaiser had no discussion with the government regarding a loan to solyndra," a statement that appears at odds with the substance of the e-mails. >>shepard: thank you, jails. four americans accused of plotting terror attacks, had a date with a judge today. according to the feds one of the guys said they would have to murder people to change this country. the case against them is next. plus, juror number five in the
12:42 pm
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in the world of personal finance, it's massmutual. find strength and stability in a company that's owned by its policyholders. ask your advisor, or visit >>shepard: 15 minutes until the final bell on wall street. four suspects and a homegrown terror plot will appear federal court. officials say they were members of a militia in georgia and planning an oklahoma city-style attack or series of attacks against government workers between the ages of 65 and 73. we are told an informant recorded conversations from their secret meetings, one of the men quoted saying this is in way to save the kept without murder. another saying "the first ones that need to die is the ones in the government building." they planned to use explosives and the deadly poison ricen, and the long list of suspected targets including police officers, i.r.s., and f.b.i.
12:46 pm
agents, government officials, and business hers. back to our legal panel, criminal defense attorney keith sullivan and former prosecutor randy zelin. it is like grandpa on a rampage. >> however, keep in mind we know, we would be fools if they accepted at face value everything our government tells us. when you hear a case where there has been an infiltration by the f.b.i., an attorney would be remiss if they did not think about entrapment. and you look at the ages. one gentleman is 73. we is this really homegrown terrorism? or is this just a ragtag group of old folks that have nothing better to do with their time? >>shepard: the way some complain about football they complain about the government. >>randy: i would say, judge, the only thing they are looking to kill is the english language. but in all seriousness a judge look at two things when we talk
12:47 pm
about bail in a federal case. are you a risk of flight? are you a danger to the community? i would respectfully submit to you, keith, based on the nature of the allegations i think danger is pretty much, not much more to talk about, so agents don't matter and we are not talking about winning or losing a trial, but are you a risk of plight and they are looking at junior time, coming out feet first if they convicted and the threats, do we want to wait and take a advance in they get remanded. >> danger needs to be assessed by the quality of thest not the mere allegations that the government laid out. my colleague knows and has probably used the phrase that you can indict a ham sandwich, everyone has heard that and all criminal defense attorneys have used that. >>randy: and "my esteemed colleague," that is the ultimate insult. >> look at the evidence and reveal some of the case, and
12:48 pm
show the cards and look at their ages particularly the 73-year-old you have to lean on the side of leniency and let them out. >>shepard: they did not have any ricin. >> all discussions. >>randy: do we wait? >>shepard: i am not casting judgment, just stating facts. >>randy: the reality is, it is not lick they knew they were being taped and figured "come on, man, we just kiddin' around." they are being taped. >> freedom of speech. no substantive steps to carry out the alleged crimes were taken. >>randy: first amendment defense. >>shepard: thank you both. nice to have you here this afternoon. and now, fox weather alert. powerful storm landed in western alaska. i think it is coming up. 100 miles per hour wind. storm surge could bury some towns. and rick is in the weather
12:49 pm
center. what in the world is going on here? rick: storm surge are used for hurricanes and winds are in excess of around 80 miles per hour, sustained winds gusts on top of that and across a broad area, cutting right up through the the bering straight, and hitting nome, alaska, and the smaller fishing villages, getting big impacts. blizzard warnings, winter storm warning and 4" to 8 itch of snow and 9' storm surge. they had a storm later in 1974 that brought 4' to 5' surge in nome but this could be 9', and there is another 12 hours before it turns to the arctic but part of this energy will shift down toward parts of the pacific northwest and we will talk about a big storm that looks like this weekend moving toward the
12:50 pm
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>>shepard: do your kids take a lot of medicine? a study claims doctors prescribe ten million antibiotics to kids that are unnecessary. doctors describe them on average at one out of every five office visits. they say a quarter of those prescriptions go to kids who do not need them for flu, asthma and allergies and that practice is putting everyone at risk. and now, a spokesman for the american academy of pediatrics, behind the study, and chief of
12:54 pm
developmental pediatrics at the medical center here in new york. ten million a year they don't need? >> a lost antibiotics are unnecessary but the numbers have come down in recent years. >>shepard: there is clearly cause for concern because if you take too many as a young person they will not work so well later. >>guest: absolutely, the concerns are with too many prescriptions are given, and you will have problems with back fear i can't resistant, and unnecessary use, and you may have side effects from some of the antibiotics. >>shepard: why would anyone describe antibiotics for flu? >>guest: if it is clearly viral they should not be prescribed but there could be concerns of pneumonia and perhaps, in some instances, pediatricians err on the side of caution. previous studies have shown that pediatricians are eight times more likely to prescribe antibiotics when they sense that the parents expect them so the
12:55 pm
best thing tore the parents when presented with a prescription is ask the pediatrician if it is essential and necessary? >>shepard: that is tough, you put so much trust in the doctor. >>guest: in some cases they could be elective or unnecessary. most case as sore throat, they are viral and when bacterial they may not require antibiotics and same with ear infections. they are not necessary in older children and there is a history of treating ear infections treated routinely. >>shepard: what convinced the jury that dr. conrad murray killed michael jackson? we will hear from one of the jurors who made the call next. what's better than gold ?
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12:59 pm
down with "good morning america," and explains the decision to leave the patient alone and not call 9-1-1 pointed directly to his guilt. >> when he came back, dr. conrad murray said he was alive. he was not breathing but he had pulse, and he had the monitor on the finger, so, at that point, he was alive. according to dr. conrad murray. we felt if he had the medical equipment in, if it was the airway that was blocked he had nothing. >>shepard: she said there were lots of screaming and yelling inside the jury room and dr. conrad murray in custody awaiting formal sentencing set later this month. and he could lose his medical license and get up to four years in jail. and randy was with us throughout the trial and we said when we talked about moving to the final day they will be upset about the phone call and that the doctor did not pay enough attention. >>randy: and it would not have mattered. that is why you convict him? no way. >>shepard: we were talking about what was going on in the jury roomnd


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